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About the Author

Dr. Julia Walker-Haley is an educator who has served, touched, and transformed the lives  of students from a number of perspectives. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary  Education, a Master’s Degree in Counseling, an Ed.S. Degree in Educational Leadership  and a Doctoral Degree in Curriculum and Diversity Studies. A few of the awards she’s  received as an educator include the Ida S. Baker Minority Award, Teacher of the Year,  Florida State University Notable Nole, and she is listed in Who’s Who Among America’s  Teachers.  

She resides in northwest Florida with her husband, Dr. John L. Haley, Jr., and they have  three adult children -- Alex, Jessica and Jiwuan.

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About the Illustrator

Jessica Haley is a recent graduate of Florida A&M University where she obtained her Master’s Degree  in Business Administration at the Sybil Mobley School of Business and Industry. Jessica, also, holds  a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Florida State University. Back in 2016, Jessica created the  original character of Ice Quebe when her mother told her about a book concept where an ice cube  starts melting when he gets upset.  

During her time at FAMU, Jessica was exposed to several opportunities to sharpen her skills in  graphic design and illustration. This experience ultimately helped shape each character for the book.  Jessica finds the story and her illustrations as a creative guide that helps young girls and boys  manage their feelings by showing them how to do Ice Quebe’s cool-down count.

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